Wednesday, January 4, 2012

BLOG forward; The Reason of the Season- By Caroline

In 2008 My life of recovering from Co-dependency began. It has taken me on a beautiful journey of healing. My faith is the source of my healing. Many times during the day I hear Gods voice….. I had to learn to listen for it in the noise of my day and feel him thru the muck that had crowded my heart ... Most powerfully now I hear peace ..... I have received indescribable Peace….I love the passage in mark 4:35 where Jesus rebukes the wind and calms the Seas amongst a raging storm. There have been many days that I have had to picture Jesus rebuking the storm in my mind just so that I could complete the simple daily tasks of making dinner or doing the laundry without crumbling to pieces. 

Tragedy, suffering and loss will come. You cannot insulate yourself from them. You cannot avoid them. They come in their own season and in their own time. When they come, they will overwhelm you and immobilize you…but they will not destroy you…our hope and our peace lies within our faith.

When all is going well, our world is a small, controlled experience bounded by our daily rituals and activities. When tragedy and suffering come swooping in, they shatter our tiny boundaries and break our world into pieces.

For a short time we are living in a scream, where there seems to be no exit, only echo’s. The small cares that seemed so important yesterday seem like nothing, and our daily concerns become petty and irrelevant. When we finally reclaim ourselves as we ultimately do, we are changed.

 This is our time to think life afresh. It is a time to examine our faith and our lives.

2 Corinthians 12  7 -9  says My grace is sufficient  for you ..For my power is made perfect in weakness, therefore I will boast all the more gladly of my weakness so that Christ's power may rest in me.  What’s the message there?   While God may not choose to deliver us from the trials of this world, he will never leave us or forsake us as we go thru them.... and given the chance, he will miraculously restore us into something so beautiful we can’t even wrap our minds around how we will get there .....

The Human being is a surprisingly resilient organism. We are impelled toward health, not sickness. With our faith intact.... Our spirits, as surly as our bodies, have a better chance of healing.

 I no longer fear tragedy or suffering.  I Honor it… I rest because I know God is good... I must take care to listen and let him me daily, into the shape of the new being I am to become.

….. Like LOVE, our struggles make us more a part of the human family...... From them,…… come the greatest creativity.

This Blog was created to share this season of creativity....

So what do we do when we THINK we have lost everything??

We hop on the treadmill, for a short while; until we realize the only thing lost... was ourselves.

In 2008, when my family fell apart, as I knew it, what I didn't realize until 3 years later was that God had a bigger and better family for ALL of us. He had a bigger and better neighborhood for me to dwell and share his love with.
He had a plan for my heart unlike any dream I could have ever dreamt....he has blessed me with a LOVE UN surpassed. With that LOVE intact, came a peace not described by words and a hope with a certainty of creative fulfillment.

Without ignoring my worldly responsibilities like providing food and shelter,  I am no longer participating in the conventional Race that our society feels so compelled to run. With the real estate market crashing and the absence of funds promised, I have been compelled to either walk away from or sell most of everything I once owned and coveted. I will Pac and store what I can and what is necessary. We are on the brink of exploring a part of the world I saw only a day.. aboard a cruise ship, we are challenging our hearts to be open, our minds to rest in the uncertainty and our lives to simply be changed forever.


Our Trip begins on February 15th. 2012

Part of Eli and Ava's education while traveling will be to journal with a BLOG post once a week.

You are cordially invited to share in this journey with us.
Stay tuned :)

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