Friday, February 17, 2012


Day 2 !!!Yestarday we went to the mayan ruin, Xunantunich in the 85 degree weather!The Mayan RUins are where at times the Mayas fought to there deaths. We saw where kings once ruled and slept. . It was cool! On our way hiking up tp the ruins,we heard a scary unpleasent noise and followed it into the woods. We finially spotted the animal, we were seeing 4 howler monkeys!!there were also belizian men walking around the ruins with guns in there hands to keep the guatamalan people from illegaly crossing into belize.once you made it to the top of the largest ruin,it was because of the of the beautiful sunny skies and bright sun that we could see right into Guatemala!After that we crossed a river with a hand cranked fairy to get ice-cream in a Menenite village and then went home and made homemade salsa. -Ava