Wednesday, February 22, 2012

G(Eli), josh, oliver, and austin, aka wilky, went snorkeling. We went to the southern channel first. And that was breathtaking. Literally. I had to come up a few times because i was so amazed that i sucked in water. There were so many tropical fish that ive never even seen in tv or the internet. Then we saw 2 electric eels. That was scary. One of them saw me, and looked, then bolted stright towards me but the tour guide saved my life by slapping his wrist makimg a sharp noise frightening the eel causimg it to retreat. It was scary. Then i saw a four foot barracuda. That was really interesting. Then we went to a pkace called shark and ray alley. It was only about 3 feet deep, but there were sting rays ALL over the place. And there were about 10 nurse sharks that were about 6 feet long. Sting rays feel really jelly like and the sharks feel like rubber. I got it all in the gopro. (a gopro is an underwater, small, and extremely versatile camera meant for snowboarding, skiing, and all other sports. Its also shockproof) that was our day of snorkeling:-)- Eli

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