Sunday, February 26, 2012

Day #10 posted by Ava
These were the last days of the Wilkersons, they left on Friday :( On wednesday we went to an awesome place called BaCab, which was a really amazing pool with a little shelf in the water with chairs where you can lounge in the water and tan! And there's a nice water fall with a rock slide that takes under the water fall that splashes you face right before you plunge into the water.Also,we went on a horse back ride,while we were on the horses we saw howler monkeys!!!It was feeding time so they weren't howling:(.On Thursday was a working day,we were all busy mixing and pouring cement!Jealous??On Friday we wet sad to say our goodbyes to the Wilkersons as they ventured there way onto the plane an home.Yesterday we made it to our first away from "home" (the base camp( and made our way with Mona and Diane over to Placencia and unpacked our luggage in to our temporary abode.All is well and everything is great!!Except for the Pb and J sandwiches!! P.s The gelato here is amazing!!!! -Ava:p Placencia is a 16 mile long peninsula in southern Belize and is the home to three communities-Maya Beach,Seine Bight,and Placencia Village.The village itself is home to the narrowest main street in the world according to Guinness World Books of Records.

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  1. Take lots of pictures :) I wish , I could see some of that for myself. Doesn't sound like You need any more encouragement to enjoy Your time.
    Love from cold, snowy L-town,