Monday, February 27, 2012

The first leg of our trip is over. Our time in Belmopan ended with a humble dinner atop a hill at Al Rustico's, as we left and were on our way back to basecamp we werre greeted at the bottom of the hill by 4 of 8 kids fathered by Irwin. Irwin helps out at the base camp and is also a eager student at the tutoring center:-) the little girls were so cute and full of every question imaginable we delighted in their curiosity until it was time for bed. The next morning Mona and Diane gave the kids and I a ride through the beautiful Belizian Jungled highway down to the Village, Placencia. Here we are nestled among palm and fruit trees 50 feet from the Sea. Our Cabana is adorable made with varnished wood upon stilts, we sit just high enough to have a view of the sea from our beds. Its small and clean and we have the most excellent screened in porch overlooking the beach. I have found myself there often taking cover from the hot sun while feeling the breeze, cranking the Grateful Dead sipping on something cold:-) Sunday we ventured into the village to check things out...our mission was to attend the community church, after some winding paths and asking for directions FIVE times ( much to my childrens shigrin);we found it already in service with the doors closed, so we took a picture on the steps instead...we ended up at the tip of the penisula where there was a beautiful sandy beach, we stayed and snorkeled around a bit until our skin turned pink. It was MY first real swim in the Caribbean and it was Awesome!! The sun here is intense so we retreated to our cabana for some reading and homework, as the afternoon of quiet moved on, it was apperant, as our skin grew brighter in color, it was a good thing we headed back when we did:-) The evenings come quick in Belize as the sun sets around 5:30...we ventured over to the cozy corner for some shrimp and free wifi, Eli attracted 4 little boys mesmorized by his kindle...they were sweet boys and were excited at the prospect of " hanging " with Eli in the coming days:-) The wind picked up overnight and blew in a cloud system that was most welcomed when we woke. It appears we might have a little storm on the horizion as it appears as the morning is wearing on the wind is getting stronger and more rambunkous. the kids and I decided after our morning exercise (directed by our tiny drill seargent Ava) that today would be a full day of quiet ( except for the raging winds) reading and catching up on homework. The basecamp asked me to paint a sign for the tutoring center so I plan on filling half the day with a long lost passion of mine. ... .and I will paint:-) We are all very happy and healthy. We are seizing every opportunity to share Gods love with the Belizian people and are constantly in awe of the simplicity of their lifestyle. I/We are convinced without a doubt the the simpler our lives are, their in lies more room for PEACE and happiness. Our thoughts have been with our friends back home as this last weekend they honored the lives lost in the avalanche and laid them to rest... Love to you all Caroline

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  1. It all sounds amazing thus far! I am inspired by your courage! Can't wait to read more about it! Rock on sister!