Thursday, February 23, 2012

Our first 10 days have passed quickly all the while feeling slow, as that is the Belizian way:-)..Since my last post we have been busy. We worked a day here at base camp preparing a outdoor meeting area and installing drainage for the rainey season. When the rain hits in Belize, quite rareley is it ever just a drizzle. The following day we headed off to caye caulker. We had somefun on this tiny island as it is a tiny island just a few hundred feet from the barrier reef. The day we were on Caye Caulker however, was the day we heard the news of
the passing of our friends back home...It was a quiet, surreal and prayerful day as we were 3000 miles away from where our hearts were....All were quiet as our thoughts were with the families and friends Chris, Johnny and Jim Jack.... ...There will be more about this island as the kids and I will be spending 19 days there in a week or so.. On tuesday we spent the day at cottontree church working alongside a team from california. It was hard work moving dirt and rocks in the hot sun, but what cooled us off throughout the day, was the tiny faces of the preschoolers smashing their faces up against the window... They would gigglecand laugh and we knew soon they would be enjoying the fruits of our labor. We crashed early that night tired and hot and sunburned. On weds after dropping Oliver and Josh off at the airport, we had heard of a public swimming pool, so we decided to check it out...It was truley an oasis..after crossing over a amazing bamboo bridge nestled throughout a palmtree jungle, we came upon a gigantic fresh water pool with rasta music playing and a SLIDE....AND food and bev service pool side. It was a treat we ALL enjoyed emensley. Today we were back to work at basecamp... we added more drainage to the meeting area and have hopes to cement in a few support posts before sundown. The kids and I also visited Marlas house of hope( ) Marla’s House of Hope provides safe, loving, nurturing care for God’s Children who have been removed from an abusive environment. The kids and I will be working on and off at Marlas while in Belmopan tutoring any of the 18 kids who live there with their school work. We have six days schedules to workbthere...Then on the last friday we are there, we get to host/sponsor a " movie" night with the kids......we will for sure fill you all in on that as it happens. For any interest in volenteering, sponsoring or donating to their needs... All that info is on their website posted above. Tommarow the Wilkersons head back to the states ( except Mona shes staying here:-)and the kids and I head on our journey outside of Belmopan....we will head south to Placencia Village and then off to Caye Caulker, winding back up to Belmopan for our time at the orphanage. Hope all is well with each and every one of you:-) Love C

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