Thursday, February 16, 2012

We made it to BELIZE!! Unscathed, and a bit tired, but it didnt last long , the whoosh of the humid air and the distinct smell of another place, quickly reminded us to be in attention. Many people said "be safe" (in reguards to our trip) but all that dissapeared as we hit the humingbird highway, the concept of defensive driving does not exsist.....its offensive driving or you don't get there.... our destionation in To Belize Basecamp was about 45 min away to the Capitol city of Belize, Belmopan. We settled into Base Camp, grabbed a bite down the road (creole shrimp) and shortly there after turned in for the night.... What I woke to this morning was exactly whatI had hoped for..... An orchestra of sounds it would take a full featured film to describe, but if a person was never into birds before they came to Belize you would be numb not to be enchanted by the noises in the trees at sunrise! Today we plan to explore possibly one of the many Mayan ruins dotted and uncovered throughout The country.. I am excited, at peace And smiling as I slowly wake to my new adventure and sip on some delicious coffee in SHORTS! Double-ly smiling wide becase they have coffee mate creamer here!


  1. ahhh. I can just picture you guys.. thanks for sharing. love you. t

  2. I wish I could be down there again.... reading this brings it all back.
    -Chase Lak