Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Yesterday we went to ate at a place called brenda's. It's this little hut on the side of the road thats always packed. So we decided to try it, and we lived it. And she brought us some chocolate cake also and that was so good. And by her booth, there is this cage on top of a wall and it's like a 6 foot tAll wall, and the cage is probably 3 feet tall,6 feet wide, and 20 feet long. And inside are about 15 parrots. The kind that talk to you. Its really cool. People will just walk up and sat "hello!" an the parrots will scream "HELLO, HELLO!!" and whistle at you. It's pretty funny. Then after that, we went to a place called the tipsy tuna. The waves there were like 4 feet tall, so I went in the water and body surfed them. Then some 6 copters came and one knocked me over, and I submerged from the water, and an 8 foot wave smashed into me. It was hilarious.and u came out COVERED in seaweed. It was awesome. Except for the fact that it smacked my sunburn. Then we were walking back and my mom wanted some biking spandex shorts and she found some that read "HotLove" across the waistband. She still hasn't taken them off. -Eli

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  1. SO AWESOME!!! Love you guy's. Wish I could have gone with you all.